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A DNA-Healing is part of the 3-hour Shamanic Healing session. It can also be booked separately after a Shamanic Healing session. 

Why A DNA-Healing? 

Our entire history, past lives and soul blueprint is stored in our DNA. We carry our DNA with us from lifetime to lifetime. Oftentimes we even look similar than we did in past lives, with a similar facial bone structure, hair structure (curly, straight), skin and more. No matter what gender we were before (male or female). Our DNA is in our bones (hence why cremation can be traumatizing to the energy body). It is also in our blood, hair, nails and many other places. Healing the DNA is therefore crucial to gain access to our missing pieces and to get a fuller picture of who we truly are. 

Our DNA is part of our blueprint and very much connected to our soul. Not only do we carry the same DNA with us from lifetime to lifetime, but it is also connected to our bloodline and interwoven into generations of wisdom, tribal insight and more. Our DNA is the most targeted aspect of us from lifetime to lifetime. The new vaccine agenda, which rolled out during Covid-19, is meant to completely numb, destroy and change our DNA for the most part throughout the world. More psychic insight on this can be found in my video series "Healing Insight."

It is always fascinating to me, after having analyzed hundreds of lifetimes over the years, how similar we look from each life to another. No matter if we reincarnate as  men or women, we will still have a similar facial bone structure (think round face, high check bones, sharp chins etc.) from lifetime to lifetime. It is very clear to me that our DNA is heavily stored in our physical body, including our bones, hair, nails, blood and so-on. It can be therefore traumatizing on a body and soul level when we have gone through the aspect of cremation or had our body burnt in a past life. 

During a DNA-Healing, I check in to see how the chromosomes are doing. Whether or not they are healthy or need healing. Any trauma from previous lives affecting the DNA will also be uncovered. 

Aside from the reasons mentioned above, DNA damage can occur for various other reasons: Vaccine, hormonal, food and 5G cellphone tower / EMF damage and more. 
I heal the DNA with visualization, tuning forks, powerful sound healing waves, intention and more methods. I also pull any toxins, heavy metals, nanos and other things out, if it comes up during the session. This can be especially relevant if you have taken the most recent Con-vid-vaccine or any of the PCR tests, which have shown to modify the DNA in my healing sessions. 
A DNA-healing session is 60 minutes long. It can be booked as a single unit or added onto a Shamanic Healing. The 3-hour-long Shamanic Healing session already includes the DNA-healing. While one session usually does not get rid of all damage right away, it provides a good clean-up to the DNA and I also give homework with recommended visualizations for you to continue the work on your DNA at your own pace. 

Please note: This session is ONLY for previous clients who have had a Shamanic Healing beforehand or the full-on 3-hour-long Shamanic Healing. This is NOT a follow-up Shamanic Healing session, those are more extensive. 

***Disclaimer: Any medical intuitive advice won't replace the advice of a trained medical professional or expert in that field.***
Benefits of a DNA-Healing may include: 

  • Feeling less scattered across the realms and more focused energetically 

  • Feeling more in control of one's own time and aging process and less "pressured" or  "on the clock"

  • Ridding of vaccine damage and environmental factors, such as EMF damage to the DNA 

  • Being in full control of one's own life, DNA and bloodline again and not being used for the agenda of the matrix controllers

  • Opening up communication to your own cell bodies and aspects of you, which were perhaps unknown or hidden to you beforehand (homework provided)

  • Experiencing a well-rounded session when booked with a Shamanic Healing

Book A DNA-Healing


$333.33 for 3 hours, includes Shamanic Healing

$144.44 for DNA-healing as a follow-up session

to a Shamanic Healing session

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