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Free resources to navigate your spiritual life. Find my mini-course below. 



... to the free section. Here you can find helpful resources to navigate your life and dive deeper into your own spirituality. Take my free mini-course all about Shamanic healing. Obtain a discount code to my services. Look around, sign up and welcome here! 

Free Shamanic Healing Mini-Course


Free Mini-Course

This mini-course is a great introduction into the world of Shamanism and some key Shamanic concepts. Learn all about cord removals and intrusion removals. Get to know the benefits of Shamanism. Includes a bonus module on how to manifest more abundance in your life! 

Unlock your highest potential!


Free guided visualization: Unlock your highest potential!

Empower yourself from any self-limiting beliefs and unlock your highest potential in this lifetime.


Free: Learn The Akashic Tarot!

Learn all about the Akashic Tarot! From major to minor arcana, what each of the 62 cards symbolize, how to read them upright or in reverse, for love, career and other situations. Sign up below to get your journey started! 

Receive 10% off! 

Sign up below to receive 10% off your first healing or intuitive reading session. 

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