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Other Offerings & In-Person Sessions

Please check the online scheduling link to see what my current Tarot Card and written reading offerings are. I offer on a varying basis the following: 

A 15-minute or 30-minute long recorded video reading, using various Tarot and Oracle Card decks (great for general, career questions, Twin Flame journey questions and other insight).

A 1-question-1-answer or 3-question-3-answer reading, during which I channel and write down the answer to the question(s) you have. Please note - the answers typically do not replace the 30-minute reading module and answers tend to be shorter / less elaborate than during a Zoom-call. However, the turn-around time right now is 2-5 days and could therefore be shorter than the wait time for a Zoom reading. 

Crystal Healing / Chakra Balancing (in-person). This is typically an in-person session in the NYC metro area (Union Square area). If anyone is interested in a 60-minute long or 90-minute long session or any of the sessions listed above to be face-to-face, this can be arranged at an additional travel / transport fee. Please inquire by contact form or e-mail regarding the rates, dates and more information. 

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