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9-9-9: A New Path Ahead

9-9-9: Time to live your life

Today is another powerful date: 9-9-9 (18=8+1=9). This transformational summer is slowly coming to an end and today marks the day on which your manifestations are pushing you in a new direction. Have you done the work this summer and really dug into all that you wanted to? Have you committed yourself to unraveling your shadows, revealing your most painful thoughts, emotions and triggers? Have you experienced true happiness, have you experienced JOY? How are you feeling?

I woke up feeling extremely happy today. No matter what you feel or how you go about – today is a powerful day. Whatever you still need to do, you need to do over the next few weeks in order to manifest the best of the very best of the best life that you truly deserve (and want). But most of all – you have to walk your OWN path. Not anyone else’s. This is all about you and what YOU can bring to this world in this magnificent, high-vibrational lifetime. Are you ready to step into your true power? This summer has been pushing you towards this point. Everything that does not resonate anymore needs to go. The old is replaced by the new. Life is a constant flux of give and take, an exchange of energy. Whatever does not serve you anymore is leaving for a very good reason. I have never experienced this to be as true to this degree before than now. We are truly in some new and exciting (!) times, aren’t we?

Happy new moon, lovelies! Manifest what your heart desires, write it down, dwell on it, meditate on it, keep your vibes high. The higher your vibrations, the more powerfully you can manifest what you want to invite into your life right now. Have an amazing Sunday!

Best crystal to manifest your abundance: Citrine

Best crystal to dwell on what you want or need: Fluorite

Best herb to clear out your life and invite the new: Sage

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