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Being In The Present Moment

Being in the present moment is one of the best things you can do for yourself and others, especially during times you need to stay grounded. Lately I have really been noticing how so many things are trying to take us out of the present moment and deny us access to the beauty of the here and now. With cell phone use and notifications being perhaps the top ranking among them all, movies, laptops and other electronics are right behind in their quest of taking us out of the now and catapulting us into somewhere else. I can't help but think how some people almost seem like robots when they have their hands clenched around their cell phones on the subway or when walking down the street. Headphones, screens - it is almost driving me insane to witness how an entire generation and nation of people has been reduced to a device that should have never been given this much importance to begin with.

The tangibility of the current moment, the timelessness of the impressions you are gathering right here and right now - try to take it all in and see how vibrant your world becomes ones you get rid of the distractions. Tune into every sensation - breathing, feeling, hearing, seeing, sensing - one at a time and experience the difference between each of these. When was the last time you have consciously taken a breath or noticed how tight your chest is? When was the last time you really listened to what was going on around you? Are you hearing the wind howling outside? What about seeing and unseeing things in your physical view? Did you actually see that particular item when scanning the room earlier? How do your clothes feel on your body right now? Do you even notice how dry your skin has become in the winter?

There are several other ways to stay in the present moment. Tuning into your senses one by one is perhaps the easiest. Meditation can be another great tool. While meditation does not automatically transport you to other realms or dimensions (although it can!), it is essential for staying in the present moment. There are a multitude of meditations out there. The breath meditation, the drawing meditation, the walking meditation... Each of these have the purpose to keep you grounded and attentive in the here and now. Moving your body during exercise, yoga or dancing is another great way to stay present and experience the current moment. What do you do to stay in the now?

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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