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Karma - Carrying The Trauma From One Lifetime to Another

Karma can carry over from one lifetime to another and it is up to us to discern whether or not we want to let it go. This can happen in many ways, for example the karma of being poor or the karma of relationships and incarnating with certain people (family, close friends) over and over again. The karma of not being abundant can come in many forms in this lifetime. It can come in terms of a lack of success, feelings of unworthiness or self-sabotaging one's life path every time one is about to really become successful or at least feel one is. If you are still carrying the vibration and trauma of your past and most likely other past lifetimes, during which you were a peasant or poor or in any way chose to have an experience like this, then you can be taking this same vibration on in this lifetime.

The same goes for many other scenarios. One of my past lives included being burnt to the stake in the medieval ages. The karmic imprint of this lifetime actually closed down my throat chakra for decades in this lifetime. I also had skin issues which could not be explained by normal science or doctors until I had a soul retrieval and this lifetime popped up. Still then I had to work through the trauma of being called crazy and a witch and all sorts of issues with my then-husband and children from the 17th century, who popped up in this lifetime as friends or partners or acquaintances, until I was able to sort through this trauma and my health condition now. Part of me still feels very uncomfortable talking about the 5D, psychic abilities and higher vibrational topics, especially when being around people who don't seem open to it yet.

Working through the karma of this past life (and many others) includes finally speaking up about controversial and spiritual topics and also being okay with rejection, losing people or not being accepted by everyone. Our mission right now is much larger than what meets the physical eye. It is time for us to finally work through all of our karmic imprints, soul lessons and traumas.

We are in times where we can finally let go of karma now and become who we truly want to be.

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