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August Energy: Higher Frequencies Entering

As the higher frequencies are currently entering our field and collective, you might be feeling and experience emotions which you thought had long been cleared by you. This could be in the form of: Fear, resistance, sense of loss of identity, nostalgia for older times and security needs being met. These are coming up because the influx of energies can be felt as ungrounding and other- worldly (which they are) and they are turning our worlds upside down or at least shifting our perspective and focus on a whole new level.

Feeling through all these emotions is necessary in order to get to the root of them and ask ourselves why we are afraid, why we are attached to security and why we feel the need to define ourselves so strongly right now when we were fine going with the flow before. There is a big lesson to learn in all this. Our karmic imprints and soul lessons are opening themselves up to us, offering us a great chance to see them from a higher level perspective and to resolve them from this same perspective. Our multi-dimensionality and potential timelines are running into one, giving us the opportunity to watch things from a 5D and more loving perspective than from the rigid, hopeless, 3D state we were in before.

Sitting with all the lessons, reflections and situations coming up and reflecting on why they are happening to us instead of viewing our life as what is happening to us without reason can be made a daily practice.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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