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Energy Update: Global Reset = Global Purge

The massive amount of purging that has been going on for a while already is now reaching its peak throughout this weekend. From skin breakouts over hair loss to urinary release - you might experience bodily symptoms in addition to emotional ones. On an emotional level, feelings are running high (and low). Lots of arguments, irritation and other tensions might surface for you to work through.

As the people on a planetary level are experiencing mass confinement and feelings of loneliness, lethargy and more, we are also seeing how others are not going to make it to this next phase (and plague). The increased numbers of deaths are not a coincidence. Protect yourself well, energetically speaking. Especially during your dream state lots of dark forces might come through or try to thwart your soul growth. I recommend grounding crystals underneath your pillow or wearing Lapis Lazuli / Amethyst rings.

Together with all this, a huge compassion vortex has also opened up. We are starting to think about the people who are not as fortunate as us. The ones who don’t have a stable home, a shelter, their basic needs met.

Hang tight, we are in it for a ride. Sitting with all of these feelings, emotions and insight can certainly help in diminishing them and turning them around.

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