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A Time For Self-Love

During these past few months, especially since the lockdown and for some people even earlier, we might have lost a crucial part of our self-love. Despite being home a lot, we have also been in front of our electronics and screens for longer than usual. Some may have developed a new addiction to social media, while others have been around their children, families etc. with little to no time for themselves. Contradictory to this being the ideal period to devote more time to ourselves, I don't think that many people have actually had the chance to simply be with themselves. Especially during these times, and before the "busy" holiday season starts, it is an ideal time to dedicate more energy to self-love and self-respect.

Meditation, nature walks, doing what you love - all these are aspects of self-love and self-admiration. I am not talking about isolation - isolation can sometimes yield the opposite effect and we have had enough of that. However, in order to keep our sanity for the upcoming months, I really do feel that this period right now is the breather we need to dedicate to us. Self-love - all the way.

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