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All Eyes On the Big Apple: NYC He-ART, The Dynasty Taking Over Real Estate, and America's Freedom!

Yesterday I posted some insight on New York City (the Big Apple) on the Youtube and what I felt come through on my journey last week. I've been feeling cold and have been getting many chills throughout the past few months of being here, however for some reason the end of the summer finalized a lot of things. For example the fact that offices won't reopen until January (if even), that Broadway and other huge performance halls will be closed until spring 2021, and that overall the push towards getting the artists out of this city has been very real. Not just this year but for decades already.

However - the past six months has been one of the largest changes I have witnessed. Due to the rioting and other events, families have felt unsafe and left. Artists won't have a place to perform at, showcase their art or simply sustain themselves in a city like this. With the mayor not allowing for any relief or freeze on rents or leases in addition to not opening up on indoor dining, there aren't too many options left on how to survive and make an income. What has been happening over the past decade already is now almost inevitable, unless people become aware of what's going on and start fighting for this city. The real estate market is and will continue to be mercilessly bought up by foreign investors, AI and more until the city won't be recognizable anymore in the next six years.

What will happen to the heart of this city once it's gone? My latest video highlights this a bit more.

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