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Astral Attacks: What Are They And Why Do They Happen?

There are currently a lot of things going on in the energetic plane. Astral attacks have been ramping up quite a bit. Not just lately, but for sure since this year and when things first started coming to a halt in March. Over these past few months, I've been noticing more and more AI and ETs of AI origins floating around, when meditating, when trying to connect to guidance and when doing divination in general. Astral attacks might not be as blatantly obvious as other types of attacks. Nonetheless, they exist and they are impacting our auric fields, energy center and points (call them chakras, call them whatever you believe in and work with).

It could be that during meditation some form of guidance, thoughts or other things come through, which might not feel "right" to you or like your own but which are hard to pinpoint what exactly they are. Astral level attacks also happen in the dream state, and these are typically the "bad" dreams or even nightmares. They could show people we are close to, such as relatives, friends, all of a sudden being sick in this dream or attacking us. When we wake up, we might wake up in a state of confusion, trying to unravel the "soul message." However, in this case it is not a message our soul sent us but an attack coming from other entities.

Astral level attacks are diverse and it can be hard to discern what exactly is going on. When I see these attacks, I usually see them coming from entities from the red planet (could be Mars or also planets resembling it), from Zetas and also from other aliens hiding behind a mask and looking "prettier" than they actually are. Our crown and stomach area (sacral and solarplexus area) could be greatly impacted during these times. It is also increasingly difficult to receive any type of "channelings" from entities right now, as one can never be sure what agenda it is that they are trying to reinforce.

A good way is to go further within and work with broadening your intuition instead of relying on spirit guide communication or alien input. Soul recalls and cord removals are great to add to your daily spiritual hygiene, just to clear your energy and prevent beings from entering through a few of the energy centers and your aura in general.

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