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Catharsis on the Mall: My Video as Part of an Art Installation

I am super excited to announce that my Cherry Blossom video will be featured as part of the Radical Matriarchy group at Catharsis on the Mall.

Catharsis is a burning-man style festival with healing intention held on the National Mall in Washington DC. This video will be displayed on a 32-feet-tall screen as part of an art installation with the all-women group called "Radical Matriarchy" from Brooklyn, NY.

More on Catharsis:

"Vigilers can expect to find: a like-minded community of participants who care about healing for ourselves, each other and our society; large scale art, workshops, speakers, music and activities during the day and evening; a variety of small scale local art provided by YOU; healing and gathering spaces; music and cathartic dancing on Saturday night until sunrise."

Catharsis is from May 3 - 5, 2019 on the National Mall in US capital Washington, DC.

Check out the full video on my Youtube Channel. Hit subscribe and that bell button to be notified of two new videos each and every week!

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