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Channeled Alien Message: The Arcturians

A message from my Arcturian guide, conveyed by the Arcturian council:

“We are here to remind you of your own significance, your radiance, your purest form of expression. You are loved - always. We are so pleased with your progress, dear ones. Shine on”.

Being an Arcturian Starseed

My Arcturian soul family and starseed origins have been really coming through lately. All the hugs to all you fellow Arcturians out there! Your spaceships are hovering right outside the earthly atmosphere, which is why life has been a bit extra tough right now. The veil has also been thinner as never before.

To find more channeled messages and some Starseed intro videos to each alien race, follow me on my new Youtube channel.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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