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Entity-Controlled Beings, Trolling and Backlashes Ramping Up!

Have you seen more and more "nastiness" online lately? Have you noticed trolling to become more and more rampant? Not just in the US, as things are heating up in politics and also during the plandemic and literal lockdown. But pretty much on most platforms around the world. People are still caged up in most parts, not much distraction from their phone or laptop screens other than perhaps walks in nature these days. With polarizing viewpoints and people voicing these, it is hard to keep one's cool and look past these attacks, especially when one's one viewpoint is being attacked or ridiculed over and over again.

I was recently wondering if these types of trolls had always existed and what they might have looked like over the past thousand years or so. They would probably be similar to the people cheering the decapitator on, while he would be chopping off a witch's head during the dark ages. Or a person standing in a group, who would throw stones at you for being of a different religion 2,000 years ago. The trolls always had a play in these polarizing situations. They've been around for eons, just like the rest of humanity most likely. However, what was new to me was the image I received during meditation.

That they are actually all controlled by the same entity underground. I did receive a name from ancient Egyptian and Babylonian times, but I would like to keep that one to myself until I've done more research. This powerful entity is feasting off the "nastiness" the AI controlled people are throwing at each other and souls. They are like puppets in a horror puppet game, not seeing that they are being controlled by the darker force. I wanted to point this out, as many people are being targeted and sucked into these games. It is most likely feeding this entity and gaining energy from you in that way. A good way would be to not engage or simply stay away from such situations, even though it can be hard as almost every topic these days can attract a backlash.

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