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Famous Paintings: Huge DNA-Activations and Energy Portals

On the last weekend of November I had a private tour at the Museum of Modern Art. I literally couldn’t remember the last time I was here, but it must have been a few years ago and well before I tapped into my channeling abilities. I was always drawn to the floor with the paintings (and ironically never much to the photography section). It suddenly hit me as I was standing beneath Van Gogh’s oil painting “Olive Trees” from 1889 that most of these paintings are huge DNA-activations and are really contributing to the mass awakening happening in our world right now.

As I was standing beneath the art, I received visuals of nature patterns and green, earthy, plant-like DNA-activations. Nature itself can be a huge DNA-activator. Combined with the hidden messages and other visuals in the art (some of which are sacred geometry, circles and swirls), these have become a powerful tool of planetary awakening.

And not only do these paintings contribute to our DNA-activations, but they can also depict energy portals and raise the vibration as you walk and stand around these pieces of art. So many people visit this museum on a daily basis, what great power these masterpieces have over changing the masses, especially during these high-vibrational times!

Another significant activation piece is Henri Rousseau’s “The Dream” from 1910. The magnificent colors with the nature theme and hidden messages within the painting are powerful not only in plain eyesight.

For centuries and decades these paintings have been completely misunderstood in addition to the artists when they were alive. They were well ahead of their times (mostly without knowing it) and now their work is finally bearing the fruits they were meant to carry from the beginning. Visiting museums like this will never be the same again...

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