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Full Moon "Ritual"? No Thanks! Sun Rays & More!

If every full moon / new moon event is always bringing up so much for us to release, clear and let go of, maybe a good way to work with it is to simply avert attention away from the moon and focus more on the sun energy instead! The rays of the sun came through in today's meditation quite clearly, I even saw sun god Ra and sun worshiper Nimrod tear the sun into two pieces and climb out of it, looking at their ancient surroundings and humanity with a boyish smile on their faces.

Another full moon day is today and instead of participating in any meditations, ceremonies, or "rituals", I decided I am instead going to go for a walk in the sun or sit on my patio, soaking in that healing energy and debate whether or not I even want to put my crystals outside under the moonlight tonight or just keep them tucked away indoors for a change. I know I've been noticing a lot of frustration, perhaps even aggression, building up in the people around me over these past few days (New York is always an amplified area for what is going on in the US / world overall, I find). The humidity and heat certainly don't put a damper on this.

I've become incredibly careful with any terms such as "rituals", "ceremonies", "sacrifice" and more - I think they are doing exactly just that to our energy bodies, and the impacts can oftentimes be felt in our physical bodies, as well. I've also decided to do a counter-acting Lionsgate Portal meditation this week, during which whoever is interested can participate and learn how to keep their energy to themselves and not have it "harvested" by others.

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