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Hello - It's Me!

Hello Souls!

Welcome to all new followers and hi to all my faithful followers from over the years.

I thought this would be a good time to re-introduce myself again to everyone who is new or hasn't followed the progress of Pleiadian Healer over the past year or so. My name is Laura and Pleiadian Healer is a page and business dedicated towards:

Soul aWakening, matrix unraveling, empowerment teachings... and so much more. In addition to being on here, I post and create content regularly on my main Youtube channel "Pleiadian Healer" - where during my livestreams I try to answer as many general questions as I can, which my viewers tend to throw at me or which may have been coming up during the week.

I also teach all about Twin Flames and the Twin Flame Journey on my second channel (Pleiadian Healer Tarot Cards).

But since most people seem to be triggered by that concept lately, I've been taking it easy with posting on that specific topic here on my IG page as of late. In addition to providing readings and one-on-one coaching sessions (cosmic lineages, psychic insight, soul advice etc.), I give healings and I am able to remove entities, cords, chip implants and more infiltration from your energetic field. Healings usually also include soul retrievals and shamanic journeying. I also recalibrate and heal the DNA in my very special DNA healings, especially when people have experienced damage from vaccines, environments or other factors.

In short - that is probably a good introduction. Of course there is so much more to say, but I will just leave it at that.

Welcome to Pleiadian Healer! Thank you for joining, supporting and inspiring!

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