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How To Cleanse Your Gut With Diatomaceous Earth!

Detoxing and cleansing your gut is the most important thing you can do for your overall body health. The gut is also known as the second brain of the body. Or the actual brain (aside from the one we have inside our skull). The amount of nerves that run together in our gut is not to be underestimated and overall this area forms a culture of its own.

Why is our gut so important and vital? In a nutshell, our gut health determines our overall health. When we keep our gut healthy and clean, we are less prone to experience other symptoms of illness and disease. Once I started cleansing and detoxing my gut on a regular basis, I experienced less or no symptoms of:

  • the flu and cold

  • allergies

  • overall fatigue

  • stomach flu or sickness

  • and a few more illnesses related to this.

Indeed, I was healthy for 2-3 years straight with not a single flu or cold. Whereas beforehand I would regularly get sick at least once a year during the cold season or changing weather, the seasons to follow my gut detoxes were a true eye opener of what our body is capable of once we actually honor it in the amount we need to. During this time, I had changed almost nothing else about my environment other than doing regular gut detoxes. I wasn't even eating differently or healthier, as I always considered myself somewhat conscious of my food choices. I tend to also drink a lot of water instead of sodas or even juices (which can contain a lot of sugar).

What could be causing our gut to be unhealthy? Other than the regular bacteria, some of which you simply don't want to have in there, our gut is prone to having parasites and worms in it. This does not just occur when we visit third world countries. Indeed, it occurs on a daily basis in no matter what country we are. I myself did not start detoxing my gut until I had a few trips to Colombia and Guatemala and my gut gave me a strong sign afterwards that there was something very off. But a few years later I contracted a very clear parasite from random food in Miami, FL.

I am sure this happens with other random occasions all throughout the US, Europe and other Western countries. Parasites are not only found in meat, another myth some of you may believe. For the longest time I was vegetarian and still contracted parasites from things as simple as eating a salad or piece of lettuce. Parasites can live in water, food or even in the air we breathe. The technology, with which they are being spread nowadays, is hard for us to imagine. It is even said that some vaccines have them nowadays. I am sure everything is possible.

Due to us being bombarded with parasites and parasitic situations daily, it becomes an important task to rid ourselves of these regularly. A gut cleanse and detox is a great way to ensure we keep one of our most vital organs of our body clear.

One of the easiest ways for me to do so is by using food-grade (!) Diatomaceous Earth. There are many other ways, but this so far has proven to be the most effective for me. Since 2018 I have been using this silica-like texture and it's worked wonders. It derives its name from the word "Diatom," which is an organism living in the ocean. As it dries out, it forms into a silica, similar to dirt. When you mix it into water or liquid (such as juice), you are essentially consuming it in that way. It's intent is to dry out your gut and subsequently any parasites that are in it. Gut cleanses are a continuous process, as we have accumulated so many things in it from our early days on. They are not just a one-off event and then you are good for the rest of your life. Instead, think about it more like taking your daily food or liquids and try to incorporate it into your daily life.

For a proper round of gut cleanse, you would want to take a heaped spoon of food-grade Diatomaceous Earth, stir it into a glass of water once a day and drink it. Do this over a 30 day cycle. Then you would want to give it one day break and start the 30 day cycle all over again. This equals a total of 60 days. The first round gets rid of the initial parasites. The second round gets rid of the parasitic eggs and anything that remains. In a good year, you would want to do a few of those rounds. I myself cleanse my gut a good 6 months or more during one year. Meaning I do 3-4 rounds of this a year.

You can also use Diatomaceous Earth for your pets, instead of paraguard or other chemical bombs. The dosages goes by weight. Make sure you check out their website for instructions and more tips. It is important to use the food-grade version for your own purpose. There are also non-food-grade versions of Diatomaceous Earth out there. But those are not meant for human or pet consumption.

In addition, Diatomaceous Earth has many other uses, such as getting rid of fleas, bed bugs, used as a fertilizer in plants and many more things. A full list to follow in a separate blog post. Find my video on how to detox your gut with Diatomaceous Earth and dosage below.

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