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Is Competition A Matrix Concept? Here Is Why

Is competition a lower vibing, negative concept meant to keep us in the matrix and never reach our fullest potential in life? Here is my take on it and why I think competition does not actually exist in this reality.

In my opinion and from my own experience, competition is a myth. Created by the controllers of this matrix and elite. It was meant to keep us down from the start of our existence. And to tear us away from our true essence and soul, including the connection we have to our heart, which is the gateway to our soul. From an early age on we are targeted. Wiping away or influencing that heart-to-heart connection with our main caregivers or ourselves is just another form of evil the controllers like to play. More about this in a different post and how our heart-to-heart connection is targeted and even severed from an early age on.

In the essence of it, you (or we) stand in no competition to anyone. There is no better, prettier, or faster. Competition is a matrix concept and was created to keep us down. The truth is, there really is zero competition, no matter what industry, offering or person you look at.

Actual contests and competitions, such as school competitions, beauty pageants, Olympic sports etc., are designed to keep the human down and low. Measuring up to the industry standards is actually pure idiocrasy and almost Draconian (if that even exists). The idea that random criteria even exist determining who is "better, more beautiful, stronger or richer" - who exactly came up with those and what good do they do? Once you get to the root of who created these rules, you will see they were seldom created by the common person but just meant to be another form of "entertainment" of the rich or other elites way back in the day. The common person was too occupied to make a living or ends meet to even consider any of those luxuries, including competition.

Contests and competitions were created for shaming the "losers" more-so than really awarding anything to the "winners." Instead of one winner feeling on top of him- or herself, you now have hundreds of "losers" who are ashamed of or who feel down for never being "good" enough to make it to the next round. Who are demotivated to keep on trying in their field or who want to simply give up on their world and life even. Especially in Japanese culture the term "honor suicide" comes to mind. Anyone who has ever entered into a highly competitive field or sports knows the loser feeling very well. And to make it worse, you may even have people boo-ing you out or doing all sorts of low-life things in the podiums, if that is the case.

We should all receive an award for even being here and existing, breathing and living. I've yet to cash in on my award and I doubt anyone will hand it to me. But the best award is creating the life I desire - free of any competition or contests.

Having worked in a highly competitive field (photography) for the longest time, I can tell you that there is no rhyme as to why some people charge $12k per session, whereas others only demand $50 for the exact same service and feel guilty for it. And the irony is that the backlash hits the ones who charge the most the hardest and usually it comes from their own industry competitors. Because the majority of people still don't value themselves enough to raise their prices to what they are really worth. Competition is the lowest concept out there and it does not highlight how diverse we all truly are.

As some followers have pointed out, competition successfully shut them down in the beginning stages of their newfound passion. Due to competition in various industries, they never made it to another round and thought they were "not adequate" enough to make it as a singer, athlete, musician - you name it! Does that sound like reaching their highest potential in this lifetime? Quite the contrary. Competition can literally shut down the budding and beginning stages of a true passion from an early age on. Even if you are in your 20ies or older (retirement age), competition can put a real damper on your chosen career or hobby and how you view yourself as opposed to other competitors in the same field. The gut-wrenching feeling of always being bypassed in that company raise or not participating in certain perks - we might all know what it feels like.

There really is no competition, even if you think there is. Because what you or a company has to offer is way unique from anyone or anything else. It's this reality we are stuck in, which wants to make you believe we need to conform to boxes, categories and other defining structures. Had someone told me this 10+ years ago, I would have lived my life differently. But it takes time to grow and realize all this. I hope this helps someone else instead.

In summary, we are all limitless beings with our own light to share. Due to our nature, we stand in no competition to anyone (except past versions of ourselves). Once we realize this, it may become easier to unfold our true potential and to collaborate with others, too. There is not a single individual in this reality, who will have the exact same background, story, skill sets, talents to share with you. Because of this, we are all unique. Therefore competition truly does not exist - it's the matrix, society and other brainwashed individuals, who want you to believe it does. On the contrary, we all deserve the abundance meant for us. It is actually our divine birth right to manifest whatever positive things we want to in our reality.

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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