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Monthly Tarotscopes: All Signs!

This month's tarotscopes are now released. These are one card readings for each sign, and this is the insight that came through for the time ahead:

Aries: Nine of Cups and King of Wands: Wish fulfilment when it comes to a personal enterprise, your own business, passion projects or else! You are deeply satisfied with how things are going in this aspect of your life and able to live out your creativity to the fullest extent during this time frame. You might also be seen as a leader and visionary to others right now.

Taurus: Two of Swords: You are not seeing eye to eye on a subject matter and ignoring a higher truth. Certain aspects of a situation might not yet be revealed to you. You might also be facing a challenging decision but could be unsure which option to take. Look at all aspects of a matter.

Gemini: The High Priestess: You are in tune and touch with your intuition and higher self right now. The answers you seek lie within. Access your inner wisdom and divine feminine energy. No outside advice is needed.

Cancer: You are driven, ambitious and willing to dive in head first. You are quick to take action, but sometimes it can be impulsive or forced. You are well-educated and a confident communicator.

Leo: Ace of Wands: You are highly motivated, energized, and filled with new ideas that inspire growth. A world full of possibility is opening up right now. Follow your passion and see where it leads you.

Virgo: Five of Wands: You are surrounded by conflict, disagreement, competition and in-fighting. Everyone is actively voicing their opinion, but no one is listening. Listen carefully to each person, or simply remove yourself from the drama.

Libra: Ace of Swords: You are experiencing a break-through and a new way of thinking. Your mind is stretched by new ideas and you are excited about putting those ideas into action.

Scorpio: Three of Cups: Celebrate your successes with your closest friends and family. Collaborate with others on a creative project and inspire one another to reach new heights.

Sagittarius: Justice: You understand cause and effect and that your choices right now have consequences. You seek to equalize and balance, finding the fairest outcome for all and the situation. Finding balance in life right now could also be crucial. Happy Sagittarius season!

Capricorn: Three of Pentacles: You might be collaborating with others right now and creating synergies to achieve big results. You balance the wisdom of the experts and the new ideas of novices. A great time to work with others on work projects or other related things.

Aquarius: Eight of Swords: You might feel trapped by your thoughts and your situation and you believe you are the victim. While it may appear as if you have few choices, the bindings around you are loose and if you change your thoughts, you will change your life.

Pisces: ​Queen of Pentacles: You are the ultimate working parent - you care for your family and domestic responsibilities while also making a living for yourself and creating financial abundance. You maintain a healthy balance between home and work.


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