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More Info on the Lionsgate Portal: The Lioness Calls Back Her Power, the Lion Path & More!

The Slaughtering of the Lion and Becoming Energetically Sovereign: A few graphic images came through when meditating on August 7, 2020 and one was certainly the figurative and proverbial disempowerment of the "lion" - the male energy, also known as the Divine Masculine or whoever identifies with it. A crowd of beings, which symbolize other lightworkers, darker forces and simply beings who are following the crowd without knowing why, were assembled around a beautiful, tall, proud lion. The lion was caved in and then killed by this crowd, who claimed to have honored him through various rituals and ceremonies, such as the Lionsgate Portal. He was brutally stabbed and murdered, when all the lion wanted was to be free.

A powerful Lionsgate Meditation was posted to my Youtube today called: "The Lioness Calls Back Her Power and Soul Pieces!" It is now time for the female energy, the divine feminine, to step in and not let this senseless killing happen again. Together with the stargate, which has opened up, codes and downloads (=programming) are coming in. As someone had already pointed out in an earlier post, codes are literally that - they encode us with something that perhaps we are not sure what it does to us exactly. These codes could be benevolent, they could also contain other beings' agendas. What

I saw is that they are altering DNA strands, which were coiled up in an 8, and then uncoiled again. They were significantly changed after this entire event. Not all codes are the same and until we have a better understanding of what exactly is happening, we are able to stand against this and not let anything in, which is not our own and happening from our free will. The meditation mentioned above showcases 3 excellent techniques, which we can use now and also during other times (every single morning, for example), to call back all of our soul pieces, cut cords and to grab the carpet away from others feasting in our energy fields. Becoming energetically sovereign is our divine birth right.

The Lion Path: Lionsgate Portal, Lioness, Sirian Ascension, Walking towards Crucifixion, Fatigue & More! Another 90 minute long video is up on the Youtube discussing all about the Lionsgate Portal, controversies that have been coming up and various different versions and opinions on it. Other channels have already discussed the connection to Yeshua and the times of the Jesus Christ crucifixion. I dissect this topic further, go into my own channelings and insights I've been getting since 2018 on this day, the images I receive during that time of year, the connection to Thoth and Ancient Egypt, the lioness energy, which is wide open around the Galactic New Year and beyond, the highjacking of the Portal, the need to recall back the pieces of your soul, setting up an energetic barrier for the lower vibrational forces, who are feasting off your energy during this time (and also other times).

The Lionsgate Portal is real, just not in the way you have been taught. As other people have already mentioned, the astrology does not add up and therefore there must be a different reason for this time of year being in our attention and being hyped up to that degree. Enjoy, share, and comment on the video / below if this resonated.

~Laura from Pleiadian Healer is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She gives powerful and empowering Shamanic Healing sessions, combining a multitude of healing techniques. She also provides readings and offers her intuitive psychic insight in her sessions. Interested in learning these things on your own? Her courses teach how to tap into your own intuition, how to become your own shaman and how to help others and more! Have a look here.

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