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Paintings: Portals to Other Dimensions and Realities

Last year I channeled a past lifetime as a painter. I was living in the Baroque period, or perhaps even sooner than this (I was always a music major, never an art major and therefore have little understandings of these periods when looking at paintings). I was a male artist and being a painter was my main job. I was happily painting away huge masterpieces, most of these depicting younger women who were naked, half naked or just erotically displayed. Some were meant to look like Lesbians next to each other. Sometimes I used the sacredness of blood on a white canvas in addition to these women to highlight their fertility and also trauma. I was gay. My lover was a handsome brunette guy. I myself had long, lighter colored hair, at one point it turned white. Our relationship was turbulent. My younger partner was extremely jealous but he was basically my main boyfriend during this entire lifetime. Painting was my passion. My art was my life purpose.

This past summer I tapped into this past lifetime (and perhaps several others) when I was at an all-women’s retreat in upstate New York. Most women were artists to some extent. A few taught me how to paint and I happily painted away for two days straight. I had never felt so much urge to create with my hands than during that time of my life. This is one of the paintings, which came about. When I was once cat sitting, the cat was so drawn to this butterfly and sat on it. She would not move until I had to pick her up. I channeled that this was a portal and that most art is actually a portal, just waiting to be activated at the right time.

It gave me a whole new appreciation for art and I have never looked at paintings in the same way I had before.

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