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Psych Warfare - Attacks On Your Energy Field & More!

Right now a few of you (or many of you!) might be experiencing what some people call psychological warfare - attacks by AI, attacks by clones and also attacks by programmed people. The more you are standing in your light and become aware of it, the less it can frazzle you, but I myself have already been attacked by all of the above and more not only this week but the weeks before, too. I recognize these attacks in an instant and either don't reply to them, remove the person eventually from my friend's list or ignore their program and messages altogether.

These attacks might be disguised in friends being "worried" about your belief systems, style of life (how dare you remain this calm when the world is crumbling) or simply hating on your life overall and arguing about things you posted, trying to get a reaction from you to feed their inner demon. It saddens me to see how many people are under the influence of these "programs" but what saddens me even more is how people are having a hard time seeing what exactly is going on and are engaging in the fruitless behavior instead of keeping their calm and staying heart-centered. These attacks might be as simple as another person attacking you for your beliefs or a single comment, during which your words are completely twisted in your mouth and you are then shamed, name-called or attacked otherwise for standing in your power and not surrendering to the bs that is going on in the world right now.

Sage and good vibes / music / crystals should be your best friends right now, just pointing that out. The same with maybe turning your phone off and simply not engaging in any triggering posts, unless you whole-heartedly feel the interaction won't affect your high vibes too much, take you out of your heartspace or do other harm. The entire lightworker, Starseed, and Twin Flame community is under an attack right now. Some psychics call it the "last straw" the darker forces are reaching out to before they lose this "battle." Others regard it more as a lengthy process, that's been going on for quite some time already. Either way, stand in your power! And don't try to engage in what I call robotic posts or accusations of others. Also - in my latest Youtube live - I discuss how you differentiate between a programmed person, a clone, and other AI!

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