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Rainbow Warriors: We have reached the 50/50 point

I woke up yesterday and felt lighter! I felt happy and hopeful. Something I haven’t felt all month long. These last few weeks have been a bit tough. I can see how they’ve been taking a toll on almost everyone. The immense amount of light that was pushed through at the beginning of the year was met with an intense amount of darkness and the old still holding on. The result was to let go of everything not serving us anymore, embrace the chaos and still trust in our divinity and the guidance we are able to tap into every single day. I know, I know... Not the easiest task for us Starseeds, eh?

Yesterday I got the message that we are at the 50/50 point. This is all of us rainbow warriors of light doing this. We have all held the light so strongly that we have influenced our current reality and the mass awakening that Earth is experiencing. I can see people questioning their reality who even just a year ago would have laughed at that possibility. It is so beautiful to see how the entire old world of corruption, control and programming is tumbling and on its way down. Keep your light on strong. You are needed. I am needed. We are all needed. We got this!

From our cosmi c soul families, we also still have the Zeta Greys, the Mantis Beings and the Arcturians reaching out to their Starseeds every single night. You might still have troubles falling asleep.

Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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