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Recalibration Period: A Time of Light and Dark

We are perhaps in one of the most noticeable periods of light and dark. A lot of you have been feeling lost, hopeless, confused, perhaps even depressed. The energies have been ramping up to this point all year and for some this is indeed a point in which many are now facing their darkest shadows (and perhaps also their brightest light).

The recalibration that is currently going on is massive. We are recalibrating everything, including our DNA, relationships, life, visions, ideas and thought patterns. The breaking down of old paradigms is inevitable. What appears now in our life is a chance to finally deal with aspects, which have been long hidden or ignored, and to release them in a loving and healing way. We are letting go of everything that is not serving us anymore. All the old, the comfort, the known.

Most find themselves in an in-between stage. Some call it 4D - the bridge between 3D to 5D. Others might call it differently. At times you might walk down a crowded street and feel how empty it is, despite the people in it. Other times you will find yourselves among friends and family and feel no connection. And yet in other cases you might have seemingly made all the right moves and still find yourself terribly lost. The breaking down of the old reality can come in many forms.

Just know that you are absolutely where you need to be. This period too shall pass. You are never alone. The veil to the unseen is almost non-existent. Your guides, your angels, your Higher Self are waiting for you to connect with them.

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Love & Light,

Pleiadian Healer

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