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Remembering Who You Are

Remember your beauty, your gifts, why you're here. When we've been dimming our lights for so long, we forget our mission, the purity of our soul, why we came here. When we keep losing ourselves in the story of others, trying to meet expectations of others, the people around us, the world, society, our culture, how are we able to remember the purity of our soul, our purpose, our mission, our self-created lives?

How can we grow, how can we thrive? How can we become the best version of ourselves? How can we become us? How can we fully feel into ourselves, to feel our connection to source. Unconditional love. That is in you. In each and everyone of you.

What is wrong with us? Why do we mistrust us? Why do we show so much mistrust, hate and pain towards us? Why do we divide us up into so many pieces, which we are here to pick up again. Why can't we just accept ourselves for who we are, who we truly have always been and who we truly will be?

There is no competition. Give yourself full permission in this moment to open up. In this moment to receive. Surrender and allow to open up your soul. Your heart. Parts of you that have been dormant, collapsed in fear. Fear of shining your light, of showing your bright colors, the true you.

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