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Spirit Guides: Our Team of Light

Spirit guides: Our team of light that surrounds us during various times of our earthly life and gives us the pointers in the direction we intended to go well before entering this lifetime. Every one of us has these guides. Most of us have around 8 - 13 beings to support us and help us out. Numbers are irrelevant, though, and do not signify the bond we have formed with these guides.

Who are these spirit guides? Some are earthbound, some are not from this planet at all and others are from much higher dimensions. Your guides can be from previous lifetimes, your twin flame, the angelic realm or from outer space. Sometimes they are a person who was dear to you. Other times they are merely a soul who has never manifested in the physical.

With some we have experienced one previous lifetime, with others we have lived through several lifetimes on Earth or somewhere else. The earthbound ones can be from these long-passed time periods, perhaps a father or brother in a previous lifetime. Or they can also be someone who we never met in this incarnation, such as our grandmother who passed away long before we were even born.

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Guides from the angelic realm can manifest as any of the archangels surrounding you during times when you need their guidance they most. They can also be from much higher dimensions or a higher self of us, guiding us through the difficult time we chose as our learning intensive. Typically, (well, what’s typical these days, right?) before we enter this incarnation, we have contracted beforehand who will be our guides during this lifetime and who will help us out at what time specifically.

Not all guides are meant to be with us during the entirety of our life. Especially now, during these quickly changing and crucial times of our own awakening on Earth, guides come and go, depending on how far we have advanced on our spiritual journey and how much we have empowered us on this long path of enlightenment and ascension.

One of my spirit guides at the moment is a proud Native American guide. Every time I walk past these murals in my neighborhood I am so strongly reminded of his daily presence and the wisdom he has instilled in me especially over the past two years of my life in this current incarnation. I visually connected with him for the very first time on my most recent trip to Sedona, AZ in March of 2018. Although I was aware of his presence beforehand, communicating on my own to him (without another medium or psychic) this year was one of the most powerful and also touching things I have experienced.

Who are your guides? Would you like to know? Or do you already know?

Sign up for a session with me to find out what your team of light consists of and how to get in touch with them!

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