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Stolen Destiny? What Is Destiny Theft And How Could It Affect Our Lives?

Destiny and fate - the never-ending story of what came first and which one is more relevant. In addition, free will and co-creations also come into play. But what if you have a few destinies at your disposal before entering this reality and some of these potentials or options were literally taken away from you? Either by other people, situations occurring or by "accident" in some form or another?

What if your destiny was to become a musician in this lifetime but due to the music school shutting down and your parents being unable to provide for a better music education, your destiny turned out to be a childhood dream and was never pursued in your life? I'm sure you can think of a few ways your potential destinies might have been taken away from you by others or situations occurring which seemed out of your control. A full video is up explaining more about destiny theft, the trauma it could have caused on a soul level and how to possibly work through it.

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