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Summer Solstice Rituals: Some Practices You Can Do!

Happy summer solstice to all! Today marks the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere (and the opposite in the Southern Hemisphere). Today we honor and celebrate the seasonal change, the flow of nature and the abundance of the seasons. Each season teaches us something.

Summer is the warmest season of the year and things fully blossom and come alive during it. People are in their most celebratory mood. Outdoor events are on and overall it is the time for adventure and short-lived excitement. Summer can be the most intense season of the year. Most people look back on it during winter and feel nostalgic about their "hot girl summer," outdoor festivals or family vacations.

If you are setting your intention for today, set it for the next three months and let it prosper.


What are some rituals or practices you can do on the summer solstice? For most people, summer is the most transformative time of year. It is therefore important to prepare yourself for it on all levels.

  1. Try to find some quiet time.

  2. Prepare your meditation, sound healing or space. Make it as comfortable, relaxing and quieting as possible.

  3. Have a journal, notebook or piece of paper ready. Grab a pen.

  4. Start clearing your energy and emptying your mind (through quiet time, relaxation, meditation).

  5. After emptying your mind and saging your energy field, become aware of what it is you want to accomplish or experience in the time ahead (next 3 months).

  6. Write down a bullet list of points of what you intend to accomplish, do or practice during this time frame. Don't let it be overwhelmingly long. Anywhere from a few sentences up to a page should be enough.

  7. Focus your intention on this list and visualize it being real.

  8. Refocus your attention on the list in the days and weeks to come.

  9. Enjoy your season ahead!


A personal story:

Four years ago today I had just started my journey through Australia. A journey which took me all along the East coast of this beautiful country. The first three months I lived in Sydney. I remember how strange the feeling was on this particular day. Up to that day I had never lived on the opposite side of the world and it was a bit of an adjustment to move from a blooming, vibrant NYC spring into a chilly, windy Sydney winter. I also remember how isolated I felt and how hard it was to meet people as winter may not necessarily be the best time of year to socialize no matter where you are.

My first time in Sydney was great for adjustment and I got a lot of insight during my time there. Around June 20th, I was looking for a solstice event and came across a sound healing hosted by two women around Bondi beach. I was hoping to make new friends during it. It didn't happen. But the sound healing was amazing and just the type of spiritual celebration I had been looking for. I still never fully got used to being in winter all of a sudden during my time there.

I strongly believe in order to adjust to a new location, climate and country, one has to experience all cycles of the year. While I never got to see, feel and taste all seasons in Australia, I do cherish the bittersweet memories I made then. And now I can say I've once experienced winter in summer.

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