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Surrendering To Loss....

On trying to replace something that goes missing or breaks. The heartfelt journey of loss.

Recently I was on a quest to replace a material item, which had broken. Despite having the accessory for 7 years already, this kind of came out of the blue. Then the most interesting thing happened. First I was grieving and I felt the whole array of emotions - from anger that it broke over sadness that it was gone to defiance that I might still be able to "patch it up." Accepting the loss felt too cumbersome or hurtful at that point. I went online to see if I could find the exact same accessory. It was a vintage item and I couldn't.

After surrendering I saw that it was a great opportunity for an upgrade and to try something new. But instead of replacing the item with one item, I tried to replace it with 3 items at once. None gave me the same euphoric feeling the original accessory ever had. And that was fine. Oftentimes we are just not meant to fill that void with something or someone else but redefine our relationship from then on.

From a spiritual standpoint, it was time to move on, as hard as it was for me to see. The person who had gifted me the accessory was long out of my life, too. I saw it as a double confirmation that the relationship to this previous friend was finally over, even in the spirit realm and energetically. While still being in touch with the person, I had dreams of strangers helping me, when this person could never reach out a lending hand. The message started being clear to me. When we see behind the illusions, triggers, mirrors, hurt and pain, these things happen to us for a reason.

There will always be a spiritual meaning behind something occurring. While in my case it was a material possession, in other cases it may be something else. Such as an accident, a breakup or a different spiritual message. Oftentimes, when a glass, plate or another household item breaks, it has to do with a relationship to a living situation or person being over. I once had a friend, who was living with her best friend. A souvenir plate they shared broke and a few months later their friendship was over.

Are you receiving any signs and if so what do you make of them?

~Laura from Shamanic Self is a certified Shamanic Healer and Practitioner. She offers online courses and digital products that advance you on your spiritual journey.

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