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The 6-6 Stargate!

🛸✨🌟 The 6-6 Stargate! I haven't seen that many people talk about it (yet) and therefore I am covering it now. June 5 started off the "eclipse season". Meaning there are three eclipses from then until beginning of July. Many of you have already experienced the fatigue (I literally fell asleep the afternoon of June 5 in a coma-like nap, something that rarely happens), the chaos (alrighty!), the downloads and more.

On June 6 (6-6-20) there was a time frame, a portal, a stargate, which opened up the stargates to higher frequencies, diamond-like lights and light code activations. This does happen occasionally during other times, as well. But since it is numeric value of the date 6-6, this also carries a specific meaning and vibration. In this case, it faciliated a massive entering of the light. Although it currently does not feel that way, the clear messages I got during meditation was a visual portrayal of one light star / solar star popping up after another.

A confirmation that it certainly has affected and will continue to affect the Starseeds. And that it literally raised the vibration of this entire planet up until the 17th (!) dimension. For those of you who resonate with that, take it as it resonates. Some symptoms over the following time period could indeed be the fatigue, the power naps during the day, the headaches, the heartache (literal chest pain is what I had today) and more. For others, you might barely notice it. Comment below if you've had any of these symptoms! Also, please keep in mind that when higher frequencies enter, we first feel like we are treading through mud and might be very emotional or sad for a few days. This is all part of the process of integration. 🛸✨🌟

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