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The Akashic Tarot: The Initiation & The Count St. Germaine (Number 14)

In this blog post we will discuss The Initiation and the Count St. Germaine, which is the 14th card of the Major Arcana.

The Initiation & The Count St. Germaine card is the 14th card in the Major Arcana of the Akashic Tarot. When this card comes up, it's all about initiation and becoming initiated. The intuitive meaning of the card is as follows:


Upright Meaning:

When the Initiation & The Count St. Germaine card comes out upright, it is all about initiation and action.

The card depicts a man, supposedly St. Germaine, standing in front of a group of four younger people and initiating them into higher knowledge and experience. He is surrounded by pillars, possibly also pillars of light and above the small crowd, also declaring his position above them (pure New Age arrogance). While Count St. Germaine is not the entity you are connecting to when calling in this card, this man did exist. He may have been spiritual but he was not the one initiating others. As usual, the New Age likes to glorify regular people and either put a saint-like status on them or worship them. So without doing any of it, you can still get something from this card.

The meaning of this card is initiation and becoming initiated or "activated" into another perspective, world or knowledge. This can happen by meeting a person and adopting their ideas. Or it can happen through a book, message or similar. Being initiated in non-New Age terms can mean that your eyes are opened to other perspectives and a whole new world. And that perhaps now you have a great opportunity to step into this next level of your life or that you are ready for something new. Initiation can also mean leaving something old behind, such as an old job, an apartment, a love relationship.


Whoever you are connecting with, this person might become initiated or have another form of awakening. This could be just for their own little world or in general for huge worldly matters and seeing what is really going on.

Overall meaning:

This card depicts an eye-opening time ahead and it's best to use it.


Reverse Meaning:

When the Initiation & The Count St. Germaine card comes out in reverse, there might be a resistance to initiation or you may be experiencing a block to viewing things differently than from what they actually are. Perhaps you are ready but there are still some mental blockages going on or there is a resistance in fully letting go and stepping into the future because of the people or situations around you. Either way, you may be in your own way this time and it's best advised to take a step way and see the situation for what it really is. If it's hindering you or progressing you.


What exactly is the Akashic Tarot? The Akashic Tarot deck was designed by Sharon Anne Klingler and Sandra Anne Taylor. It is a 62-card deck with five different focal points: The Major Arcana and four Minor Arcanas. This tarot card deck directly connects you with your intuition and is open to interpretation by anyone willing to expand their awareness and tapping into the higher force, abundance and wisdom of your own personal inner knowing. The name also implies a connection to your own, personal Akashic Records.

Learn the meanings of all cards of the Akashic Tarot individually here. This will give you more clarity on how to read these cards and work with this deck.

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