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The Importance Of Natural Immunity And How It Is Being Stripped Away From Us

The importance of natural immunity and how it is being stripped away from us.

Being naturally immune to something is our natural state of being, whether people nowadays believe it or not. Last week I found out first-hand how important our natural immune system and immunity can be. I went through all the stages of a regular cold - from a high fever over sore throat and ear pain to the release of mucus and congestion to being healed after a period of illness. No, I don't believe in labeling a regular winter cold and infection with the newest variant or anything fearful and unnecessary like that.

What I do believe in is my body's capacity to eliminate an infection successfully, the way it did then and the way it has done many times before. When having a fever, I could feel my heart beat very clearly and my blood cooking beneath the layers of me. I could feel how my body was working very hard to get rid of anything that was foreign and not meant to be in my body. I was grateful for this experience. As I've been working on my natural immunity for the past five years, I have not experienced too much illness and this might only be the second time during the past half a decade.

The experience gave me a form of appreciation - appreciation for natural wonders, such as our own body and immune system. It also threw me back to when I was a younger or a child, when we all were battling a cold or flu and were forced to simply lie still and let our bodies rest. What is happening right now in the mainstream is concerning to say the least. Not only is natural immunity villainized and deemed "the bad guy" or not enough to beat the lab-made virus. But it's also taking away from our experience that we as humans need to grow and build out our immune systems.

If pharma-induced immunity is the only way to go, how are so many vaccine-injured people these days becoming sick from the 4th or 5th variant? Is their body unable to come up with the immune system response needed, the way I have successfully experienced as a pureblood these past few weeks?

The agenda behind this thing is very obvious. No matter what side you stand on, building out your immunity right now should be a main prerogative, especially as the bioweapons are becoming more and more prevalent and we will see more of this in the future, it appears. How can we build our natural immunity? What I noticed specifically was that the right and wrong amount of foods can be of utmost importance. Sugars, junk food, deep fried things - all can be very, very toxic when your body is trying to fight something. Of course there is so much more that goes into it.

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