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The Infiltration of Lightworkers and Entities Riding Off Your Energy!

The infiltration of lightworkers and other beings riding off your energy: Have you been noticing more and more plagiarism of your work lately? All of a sudden, a post you had made pops up in another person's feed, just oversimplified and distorted to such a degree it is barely recognizable but certainly not their energy imprint? Are you noticing how your energy is more and more drained when being around certain people and with others not? Do you feel some people being compromised and just repeating the chorus they were taught whereas others are questioning their reality, digging deeper and really getting to the truth of things?

In a lot of different industries and communities there will always be the type of people who cannot come up with their own ideas and thus they are stealing the energy from everyone else, hoping to not be discovered. In every family or friend setting we have, I am sure we have noticed how we just can't seem to tolerate the energy of that one person and therefore either have them leave early or remove ourselves from that situation by leaving the scene early ourselves.

There is a large amount of infiltration, cloning, soul harvesting and energy riding going on in the "lightworker" spiritual community these days. When I tapped into it last week, the image I got was me being surrounded by the humongous, violet flame, while there were darker, spiderweblike forces reaching out, trying to drag me back into the darkness. These are people who claim to be of the light, even have their own profiles, Youtube channels and offer "readings" to others. However, since their ideas are barely their own and intuition can barely be faked, these are also people who typically are not very successful with their own enterprises and "psychic" businesses and who therefore need all the promotion and marketing from others they can get. I am sure I am not the only one knowing people / clones like these. Know anyone like this?

Don’t be dragged through the mud by lower vibrational behavior. Stand in your power! 👁

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