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The Saddest Day of the Year: Destruction of Solomon's Temple & More!

Tisha B'av is ending in a few hours and we have then officially made it past "the saddest day of the year." No, I am not Jewish, in case you were wondering, however major cycles and holidays like these, whether or not they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim and more, always carry an energetic imprint, which can affect people outside of their culture and religion. For the past three weeks, we have been in what can be called a "building period" up until this day - a day "destined for tragedy." Also known as the "three sad weeks", this time frame is typically known for a mourning and grieving period amongst Jewish people and others. It is here that the first and second Jewish temples, aka as Solomon's temples, were destroyed around 587 BCE and 70 AD.

During this period, the same people have also seen massacres and other bad happenings occur, such as the mass deportation of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942 during the holocaust. During the three sad weeks, certain activities are not recommended, such as celebrating or holding a wedding, buying a home and more. Whether or not you believe in it, I've been noticing the heaviness build up over the past few weeks and up until this day. We might be feeling a bit lighter come today and after, which can also be due to the influx of downloads and codes coming in with the "Lionsgate Portal" (another term discussed in a different post). Pay attention to the last few years and upcoming next years, how the three sad weeks have indirectly or directly affected you and the people around you.

You may notice a pattern around this time frame. Keep in mind that it’s always on a different date, as it goes by the Jewish calendar. (Image not mine)

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