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The Trauma Of Having Experienced Golden Timelines Before

Out of the many timelines that could have possibly played out, certain ones came about. There are some of us who have been dragged through the darker options ones over and over again, especially during the medieval ages and also way before. The feeling of not wanting to be here, not belonging here and simply not feeling as a part of this world can be heightened during those times (and perhaps also the ones we are experiencing right now). While there are many explanations for this, it is true that some civilizations were supposed to be on a higher timeline already and they were meant to also stay there.

However, while very few souls have actually made it onto there, others were prevented from accessing this timeline during the last straw or during the experiment and creation of it. The downfall of these ages was even greater. Especially when as a soul you've experienced something similar to the golden times for a prolonged period of time and then all of a sudden you found yourself in the morast of one of the darkest ages possible (the time from Avalon to the Renaissance highlights this journey quite well).

Unfortunately, a lot of the dissatisfaction from that memory can be coming up right now, as it is possibly imprinted in our soul. Energetically this can be quite exhausting. It is therefore important to stay true to your soul, especially now and during these very special times.

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