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Twin Flames Jesus and Mary Magdalene aka Yeshua and Mary (= Jesus)

Yeshua and Mary Magdalene (=Jesus) have been in a lot of people's energy fields since this year if not earlier. This is their past life genealogy, some of their earthly incarnations and a few other fun facts about Twin Flames and the divine counterparts!

From Hestia & Zeus' child, over Ariadne & Theseus, Isis and Osiris, Tutankhamun & Ankhesenamun, Solomon & Pharao's Daughter, Abraham & Sarah, King Henry VIII & Jane Seymour, and many, many more royal and "normal" incarnations - Yeshua and Mary Magdalene have walked on Earth over many lifetimes and in various forms. My most recent Youtube video "Here to Remember: Past Life Genealogy and Reincarnations of Twin Flames Yeshua & Mary (=Jesus)" highlights a few of these lifetimes, the TF dynamic in general, why the divine counterparts are called divine (= goddess and god aka deity) and a few more fun facts and stories on the Hadarian and Alpha Centaurian connection. Comment on the video if you are getting any further insight or want to share anything else in regards to this topic.


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