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Akashic Tarot: Stay In Your Power And Remain Calm

I pulled two messages for the collective and these messages came through. Will, Wisdom and Mind (20). We have all the power we need to take our reality back and create the life we desire. As humans, we are the most powerful beings in the world, possibly even more powerful than anything else out there. Why are we being kept down constantly and our power is taken away from us? Because we are not supposed to know that we hold power of such greatness that we can literally create and have anything we desire. Will, Wisdom and Mind - the tools of creation we need right now. Also - huge DNA activations coming in for some.

2 of Forces: The Willow: Right now it's advisable and also important to stay in our calm. The Willow is able to grow so abundantly over the years because the tree is firmly rooted in the ground and has seen many seasons. It has seen things come and go and it is there to offer solace and peace to others. By being calm, we offer the chaos around us a way to calm down as well. When others are running around in aggravation or become triggered easily, we show how important and wise it is to stay grounded in our own energy and do our thing.

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Deck used: The Akashic Tarot by Klingler and Taylor

With love,

Laura from Pleiadian Healer

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