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Welcome to Pleiadian Healer

Hello Souls,

🌹It's been a while since I introduced myself and what better way to do so than now - in front of this beautiful nature backdrop. If you have made it to this page - welcome to my online space and haven, that I have diligently created over these past four years! My name is Laura and I am Pleiadian Healer - a healing business focusing on highly advanced Shamanic Healings, psychic readings, coachings, teachings of Shamanic practices and more.

I am a:

💫 Soul aWakener, Intuitive Psychic, Shamanic Practitioner

I do removals of:

💫 AI implants, alien chip implants, AI grid overlays, cords, heart walls and more.

I also call back the soul into your body through some pretty powerful soul retrieval and soul rescue techniques, something that has been finetuned over these past few years and is gaining more and more relevance with the times we are currently in. I have many videos out there on where your soul could be and what exactly is going on with it. You might have come across me on either of my Youtube channels and I invite you to follow along. My main channel focuses on getting our souls out of the spell they are currently under, dissecting the matrix programs and more. My second YT channel gives TF readings and guides the love collective along that way.

🌹 A huge shout-out to all of you for following along, be it now or 4 years ago - despite the huge deceptions that are going on in the new (c)age, the distractions we are currently under and the separation agenda that is ensuing. Censorship and being kept down is obviously very real, as we can all tell. If you are interested in diving deeper or booking a session for any of the above services or matters, my uncensored (!) website will always be available and have more information for truth and truth seekers: 🙏🥰🌹

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