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What Is It About Us Humans That Makes Us So Precious?

What is it about us humans that makes us so precious? That makes them want to control us, put a mask on us, pump us full with vaccines, and destroy us?

Ask yourself that question as agendas are rolling out and have already rolled out since this entire plandemic lockdown period. Why do they fear us so much they need to control us? Is it because we are way more powerful than the mainstream media / fake news wants to make us believe? Is it because if we all got together to not be controlled anymore, they wouldn't stand a chance against us? Why have humans always been used, even eons of years ago, when the Annunaki created them to mine precious metals and use them for their labor? Why are other planets / ET races already turned into AI or almost extinct but humans are still around (as of now)?

Start asking yourself what it is that makes you powerful and then begin to take your power back. Don’t be a sleeper agent. The time to act is now.

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