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Your Spirit Guides or Your Spirit Mis-guides?

Your Spirit Guides or Your Spirit Mis-guides? All throughout this summer, the topic of spirit guides has come up and the concern with "trusting" your spirit guides. Especially around the Lionsgate Portal, when I received some comments from people being upset about the fact that I had outed it as a Soul Feast and Harvest Fest.

One person said "I think you should consult your Lyran guides" and went on a rant about "voices in your head" - most of it which didn't make too much sense to me, not even in hindsight. It seems to be a huge notion especially in the "new age" spiritual community, that having a plethora of guides around is a "good" thing, that channeling entities such as the GFL, the collective of 9 or the Pleiadians is desired, and that overall you should give your own power and intuition away to beings like these and basically consent to the fact that they will take over your vessel once you agree to “channel” them.

After experiencing myself how I was absurdly mis-guided by entities who were my guides last year, I can attest that the only way to trust the insight you are getting is by going withIN and trusting yourself, meaning your own intuition, your inner self and your gut instinct. See the full video on Spirit Guides - and why perhaps you should not be taking much of their advice or input after all.


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