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Shamanic Journey Workshop

Join Laura from Shamanic Self on a Shamanic Journey! An epic workshop of self-empowerment, third eye activation, crown chakra expansion and soul communication!


This Webinar features three separate Shamanic Journeys and can be completed on your own time and at a pace you are comfortable with. Find out what your current spirit or power animal is, retrieve parts of your soul, which are in need for you to work through, and explore a past lifetime, which you need to become aware of right now. All three journeys are aspects and pieces, brought to your attention by your Higher Self, your Spirit Guides and your soul, so that you can work through these and take your life and self-healing to the next level.


This Shamanic Journey Workshop also includes a guide to aura cleansing and a sound healing with Tibetan and Crystal singing bowls.

This Shamanic Journey Webinar includes:


3 Separate Journeys:  


1) Spirit / Power Animal

2) Soul Retrieval

3) Past Life

- Guide to Aura Cleansing

- Sound Healing with Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls

Estimated time to complete: 1h 10 mins.

Purchase the full webinar here!  No refunds after purchase.

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