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Heal Your Past Workshop

Join Laura from Shamanic Self in this mini-course! An epic workshop in which you can learn how to shift the energy of past events and heal your past! 

Have you ever wished to go back in time to change something you did or erase something you said? And have you ever wished that a past event still affecting you now never happened? 

One of the most powerful Shamanic techniques to learn is how to go back in time and change the energy towards a past event. This event could have been traumatizing, shocking, sad, confusing or lonely. Any event in the past, which could have caused your childhood self, teenage self or adult self to go through a bothering situation might still very well be present with you now. Most of the times people base their current attitude, mindset and experience off past events and bring this forward to how they face life now. Examples of this include losing a parent, being attacked by a dog, being bullied in school, being assaulted, or anything else really. It is important to dig through these situations, as they deserve healing and closure and you deserve to move forward with your life in the best way possible. 

In this hour-long workshop, we will define this specific event for you. I will then guide you through a powerful Shamanic Journey, during which you can revisit the circumstance and heal it. I also include a part on how to apply it towards others, in case you are a healer and want to use it on your own clients. 


This Workshop includes:


- 3 separate video modules with instructions

- a powerful sound healing

- a Shamanic Journey guiding you through the process

Estimated time to complete: approx. 2 hours

Recorded time: 1 hour 5 mins.

Complete on your own time. Accessible from any device through the teaching platform provided. 


In this workshop, you will not only learn how to apply the technique for your own situation but also how to use it in your healings and add it to the healer toolbox, which you can then bring forward to your own clients. 


Cost: $57


Purchase the full workshop here! No refunds after purchase.


(This workshop is also part of my bigger course called "Be Your Own Shaman - The Full Shamanic Healing Course" - which was released in fall of 2022. By purchasing it, you will get a taste of what the course may be like. More information about the Shamanic Healing Course can be found here. 

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