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Starseed Education

Hello Starseeds, Hello Cosmic Beings of Light, 

What exactly does it mean to be a Starseed and a Cosmic Being on Planet Earth in our most present incarnation? Starseeds are individuals who believe they originated from another world, dimension, or planet. Seeded somewhere else, it is being said that Starseeds came to this planet to fulfill a mission. Mostly to raise the vibrations on this planet and contribute to the large awakening and enlightening process, which is happening now. There are several theories on Starseeds – ranging from them being old souls over newer souls to first-time visitors to Earth. All I have to say is that perhaps there is truth in all of these different opinions and channelings.

We are all a cosmic mix of everything. We are blended with several different cosmic types & soul families and we are embracing our humanness together on this dense, dense, DENSE Planet Earth right now. Starseeds can be from several different planets, star constellations, galaxies and more. They can have one specific origin or several. The outdated idea of Starseeeds being from just one planet or originating from just one soul family is quickly replaced with:


"How many different soul families do I really carry within me? How many different alien races am I really connected to?" 


What exactly determines your Starseed origins and the amount of races you might be connected to? Past lifetimes on other planets and during other times, dimensions and portals, your guides and spirit guides from outer space or the future, your future (higher) self, your cosmic soul family and many more factors can shape the way we entered this lifetime to fulfill our highest purpose. All of this carries significant weight to who we are and who we believe we are and (to make it even more complex) who we believe we will be.


Among some of the most well-known alien races and Starseed origins are perhaps these: The Pleiadians, Sirians, Arcturians, Blue Avians, Nordics, Mantis Beings, Annunaki and many, many more. Some races of which we don’t even know yet or which have yet to appear in our current reality & frequency...

Now is the time to come together. Now is the time to discover all that you are, have been and will be.  In order to explore your divine purpose, your ancient background and uncover your strenghts and weakness, your magic and your sweetness, which you came here to bring to this world and Planet Earth. 


The following are educational videos and insight on your Starseed origins and cosmic soul family. Enjoy! 

Starseed Origins
Your Starseed Origins 

Starseed Origin videos are updated regularly on my Youtube channel. Follow the journey by subscribing!


Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and webinars regarding the different Starseed Origins.

These will cover material more in-depth than the introductory videos. They will also help you to work through karma and past lifetime trauma generated by these past lives on different planets and to empower you to explore your most radiant mission, which you came here to fulfill.  

For a personal analysis of your own Starseed origins and messages from your cosmic soul family, book a session here

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