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Hello friend, I'm Laura

Shamanic Healer, Practitioner, Teacher. Intuitive Psychic. Matrix Disruptor. 


I show you how to empower yourself from the matrix overlay we are currently in. 


Welcome here! My name is Laura...

... and I am a certified Shamanic Healer, Practitioner and an Intuitive Psychic. I am also the founder of my healing business "Shamanic Self" (formerly known as: Pleiadian Healer) - home of shamanic healing and healing for the soul.  Since 2017 I have been working with clients, giving potent Shamanic Healing sessions and intuitive psychic mediumship readings. 

My focus not only lies on helping others through sessions, but I also teach. Whether you are seeking to learn Shamanic healing techniques, proper psychic protection, unlocking your psychic gifts, manifestation tools, self-empowerment -  I offer several helpful and easy-to-do online courses and workshops. They show you how to take back your power, how to do removals yourself and how to dig through this matrix chaos we are currently in. They also get to the root of what's blocking you from achieving the life you truly desire.

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My Story: Deprogramming from the narrative

We all know what it is like to be deceived...

What does it mean to be a targeted individual and a warrior to end the matrix deceptions? From a young age on we are being targeted, singled out, made to go through the struggle. We are thrown several curveballs, deceptions, and deceitful people in the way. To deter us from ever discovering how powerful we are and what our purpose of creation is. I believe we can truly create what we want to in this lifetime once we crack the code and program that surrounds us. There are so many agendas that want to keep us here, make us feel better, rob us of our powers. Some of those are the new age, religion, worshipping other entities. It takes a while to see through all of those and notice – they really are getting us nowhere. And when that occurs, we have already made several steps forwards.

Growth - growth occurs in many forms. Just like you, I was deceived several times in my life. Here is a glimpse into my story and how I get to do what I do now: 


2014-2019: Life in the New Age

From 2014 to 2019, I fell for the same new age crap you perhaps have. My journey started when coming across Eckhart Tolle and Dolores Cannon – and then I spiraled through a wormhole of Youtube videos, prominent new age gurus, tarot card readers.
I was into "Starseeds,", the chosen 144,00 ones, the ascension trap, the New Earth lie, the 5th dimension - you name it! All these dangerous narratives, which the New Age and other occult programs alike teach to the ones who are first opening up their minds to think outside of the mainstream box. I had readings done and attended workshops by some of the people who I call out on my YouTube. Most if not all misled me even further and some did severe psychic damage. I dove into the new age modalities, such as channeling, crystal healing, Reiki I & II. After one Reiki initiation I was so severely attacked by entities that my life literally fell apart after this. 

I lost everything I had, including my home of 5+ years, a long-standing relationship, friendships and other things. Just like several times to come, I had to completely redefine my life.

This was also the period I discovered Shamanic Healing as a modality. And while most of my teachers had a new age background, the core Shamanic principles still stuck to me and I decided to pursue it. I knew if I could add my own knowledge and some solid removal methods to them, which were never taught before, they would absolutely be worth pursuing and passing on to others. This is what I do in “Be Your Own Shaman” – to date the only course that teaches how to do your own removals, soul retrievals, call back your entire soul and major soul pieces - in the most comprehensive, non-new-agey way. 


2020 and on: 

After a life-changing, six-month journey on the other side of the world (Australia! hey) in 2019, I found myself severely depleted, mentally confused and psychically blocked like never before. It turns out this was the turning point the universe gave me to either make things right or continue falling for the new age crap and other agendas. And I knew which route I wanted to go. It took months to get my life and, more importantly, psyche back in order.


I had to deprogram myself from every single thing I had learned in the years before. I had to dive deep into the realm of deceptions and find out myself how a lot of big names are controlled opposition, have entities attached to them, and are legit manipulated by a device or astral entity, which energetically keeps them in check. If there is one thing I can say to you is that psychic attacks are real. When I did all this, things didn’t look too pretty. But I had my truth back and with that I set out into the online world to share it with others. I now educate on how you can empower yourself from all these deceptions, be it new age, fake truther world or other deceptions.

Now: Passing on the knowledge

My ultimate goal is for you to discern yourself. To learn the right psychic protect techniques and other methods. I therefore teach you how to become well rounded in combatting energetic interference, removing your own implants, AI, intrusions, cords. I show you how to tap into your own intuition without any interference of “guides,” angels, archangels, third party entities, “aliens,” and astral beings. You can learn how to empower yourself from all these things and walk your own path – in full sovereignty of your own power, energy and psychic senses. Let’s combat the matrix and get out of here together. Or at least make and create this lifetime as vibrant as we can with shared intent.

Are you curious about all the matrix topics, such as "How were we tricked to come to Earth? Is Source highjacked? Which reality are we in really?"  You can follow that journey here on my Youtube channel in the "New Here" playlistI am so grateful to connect with you here. Thank you for reading if you have made it this far! I appreciate you!

In deep gratitude, 


(Founder of Shamanic Self)

Supporting you on your journey of inner power and spiritual growth


Fun facts about me:



I love to travel. I've been to 45+ countries so far and can't wait to see more. The more exotic and unusual the destination - the better. 


I have so far lived on 3 different continents - America, Europe and Australia. And I grew up bilingual in English and German. 


I always sensed ghosts, spirits and the unseen realm. As a kid I was terrified of them and could sometimes not fall asleep. As a teenager all I wanted is to forget. 


Photography is my passion and at one point it was my career for over a decade. Once an artist, always an artist. I strongly believe we owe it to ourselves to live out our creativity and childlike joy as much as possible.


When you don't see me talking about the matrix, I love to hike. I've done most of the American Southwest. At one point I even considered doing the PCT for six months. Still considering it. 

Ready to get started?

Here is what you can expect when working with me:

  • Learn how to deepen and increase your connection to your own intuition and psychic senses in a self-empowering way. 

  • Remove your own intrusions, overlays, cords and entities in the most effective way. 

  • Work with hands-on techniques and modules of psychic protection. 

  • Create energetic balance and harmony in your life through a Shamanic healing session like no other. 

  • Experience sincerity, honesty and integrity from my side. 


Choose what you need:




My online courses are perfect for you to learn concepts at your own pace. I will teach you how to do your own removals, soul retrievals, Shamanic journeying. You will learn the most effective psychic protection techniques. And other means to combat the matrix. 



My current offerings include Shamanic healings and DNA attunements. I also do Shamanic coaching sessions and psychic readings. Learn more about each service. 

Videos to get started with:

Learn more about shamanism, empowerment techniques and matrix deceptions. 

More Background:

Experience and Certifications:

  • Shamanic Reiki Master with Shamanic Reiki Worldwide (New York)

  • Reiki Level I and II / Usui Tibetan (Brooklyn, NY)

  • Certified Crystal Healer with Sacred Healing NY

Self-taught in:

  • Advanced Shamanic healing, AI removals, entity releases, soul rescues, AI grid overlay removals and everything else! 



Thanks for submitting!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect here.

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