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Sessions & Offerings

My two most popular sessions to date are the Shamanic Healing and Intuitive Reading sessions. They provide clients with clarity, focus and empowerment. 

All sessions are done remotely. Book a service and find a more detailed description below.  

Shamanic Healings & Mentoring



Starts at $222.22


Mentorship program and packages

Psychic Readings



Starts at $145 



Starts at $77.77

Mariana, UK

"I was blown away by our session - it was just like being in person in your office!  Although I anticipated that would be beneficial it far exceeded my expectations. I could feel the healing very intensely and the results were immediate.  This is definitely one of the best decision in my life and know that very soon I am going to start living my life as to how I want,  without all the burdens controlling me."
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