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Deepen your knowledge and take your spiritual journey to the next level with my online courses. 

Ar, Greece

"I have taken a lot of courses over the years. This course had all knowledge combined in one and this was also why I was drawn to it initially. After completing it, I can whole heartedly say it is absolutely worth your time, money and effort. You won't find these techniques anywhere as they exceed regular Shamanism. Very helpful." (Be Your Own Shaman Course)

Online Courses & Workshops

Now Available! - The Full Course Academy:

All Access Pass! 

The entire collection of all my courses at your hands! 

Join the full course academy and get access to 12 courses & sound healings and a total of 61.5 hours of content.

Your biggest savings! For those committed to learn. 

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Signature Courses

Be Your Own Shaman! 
The ultimate course if you want to learn how to do entity removals, soul retrievals, soul rescues, advanced level energetic interference removals and more! Taught in a Shamanic way. Easy to follow along and to apply the concepts on your own.


Combat the matrix: Unplug yourself from the matrix machine and anything keeping you down. 


Price: $197

Combat The Matrix
(The Course)


How To Ward Off Psychic Attacks, Curses, Spells & Voodoo!

Price: $190

Psychic Protection Course


Heal your DNA from any damage ever done do it! Includes soul blueprint module. 

Today Price: $97

New! DNA-Healing Course

Other Courses


Heal the trauma, karma and energy imprint of your land and home. With these simple techniques, you...

Price: $87

House Clearing & Land Healing Course


Succeed in your online and holistic business with this must-have business course. 

Price: $297

Next Level Biz


The ultimate manifestation 

workshop! Learn how to manifest miracles...

Price: $47

Manifest Your Heart's 


Unlock the key to your soul: 6-week-course. Finetune your intuition and...

Price: $380

Soul Communication Course


Learn how to master the cards, all about the minor and major arcana, how...

Price: $157

Learn Tarot Like A Pro! 


Broaden your Shamanic knowledge by learning these Shamanic techniques, exercises & more!

Price: $397

Shaman's Way Course

Workshops & Modules


Learn how to remove energetic cords and intrusions the right way with hands-on exercises. 

Price: starts at $47

Cord & Intrusion Removal Class


Learn how to destroy soul contracts and all that goes into it in this 15 minute module. For beginners and advanced alike. 

Price: $17

Soul Contract Removal


Dive deeper into the colorful world of psychedelics.  


Price: $57

The Psychedelic Workshop


A Shamanic Journey Webinar featuring 3 separate journeys.


Price: $45


Powerful workshop on how to shift the energy of past events. Heal your ... 


Price: $57

Heal Your Past Workshop

Sound Healings


Sound Healing using crystal singing bowls and Tibetan singing bowls. 13 mins long.

Cost: $13

Divine Feminine
Sound Healing


Drumming music to soothe the soul and spirit. 13 minutes long, using a Shamanic drum and rattle.


Cost: $13

Spirit Drumming 
Sound Healing

Recommended Package:

3 Package Deal:

Best Value!


(Value: $1,689. You save: $940!) 

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