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Special Price applies for a limited time only. 
Price WILL go up. Total Course Value: $997! 

Psychic Protection Course: How To Ward Off Psychic Attacks, Curses, Spells & Voodoo!

All the tricks the witches don't want you to know! This is THE course to have for when you are under psychic attack. 

Are you experiencing insomnia, fatigue, illness or even more severe symptoms? Do you believe someone or something gave you the evil eye and are unsure how to remove it? Do you think you are under attack from an early age on and have lived to cope with it but never effectively removed any of that negative juju?


Are astral entities trying to get to you before your sleep or in your dreams and you wake up knowing you've been attacked or even unable to move?  Have you always felt your life is a running curse and there is perhaps nothing you can do about it? 

All the above may very well be the after-effects of a psychic attack. Some of us may experience these attacks on a daily basis, no matter if we are awake or asleep. For others, these attacks are more of a one-off and aimed at us from a very specific person or group of people who sent some bad attacks or curses our way. Yet others may be under a full-on voodoo attack and have been continuously ill for a prolonged period of time. 

No matter what scenario you are in, this course will cover everything you need to know on every type of psychic attack out there. It will offer solutions and techniques on psychic protection and teach exercises on how you can empower yourself from these type of attacks. In addition, it will have valuable information on energy management and how you can set boundaries to ward off any future attacks aimed at you. 


Learn all the tricks the witches or AI astral entities wish you never knew! Empower yourself from your life as a targeted individual. 


Learn how to deal with psychic attacks...  

and protect your energy! 

What We Will Cover In This Course: 


Learn how to manage your energy and set up strong boundaries. Helpful exercises to use on a daily basis. 


What is a psychic attack and how do you recognize it for what it is? The various types and faces of psychic attacks, curses, spells, voodoo and more. 


What is psychic protection and what techniques can you use on a daily basis for it? Tools and exercises to use on a daily basis. 


Work with the natural elements! Important crystals to use for psychic protection and how to work with them in daily life. 


Candles, herbs and scents which can aid you in your psychic protection going forward and greatly assist you in your attack state. 


BONUS!!! Learn how to remove soul contracts! All about soul contracts, what they are, why you made one and how you can destroy it. 

Total Course time: 23 modules altogether,
= 4.5 hours of pre-recorded video modules.

Bonus: Includes a module on soul contracts and
how to destroy them! 

In addition to: quizzes, worksheets and helpful exercises.


 Psychic Attacks can come in many
shapes and forms...

And it's important to learn about them to protect yourself, your energy and your loved ones from them. Find out the differences between a deliberate and an unintentional attack, why AI attacks you in the astral realm and what curses and spells can do to your overall wellbeing, health and psyche

Want a Preview?

Course Reviews:

"I recommend the psychic protection course! I’ve been experiencing psychic attacks since I can remember and didn’t know they were attacks until I took her course. I feel more powerful now. I did some soul journeying last night and I could notice I was being attacked during the journey and using Laura’s teachings I felt powerful." - Nicolas F.
"An excellent hands-on course! A great must-have tool! I feel safer and relieved! Thank you so much!"
- Anna B.

This Course Is For You...


This course is for you if you:

  • are under psychic attack, no matter if in the awake state of sleep state

  • have experienced curses and spells

  • think someone sent you some voodoo or other bad juju

  • believe you've been targeted from an early age on

  • are interested in learning all about psychic protection for past, present and future attacks! 

How It Works: 

  • The course can be completed at your own pace and you will have lifetime access to all material 

  • Modules are pre-recorded and you will gain access to any future modules which might be added later-on due to Q&As

  • The course is currently already 4.5+ hours long - a library and wealth of information. Course value: $997

  • You can access the course from any device, including a cell phone, tablet, PC and laptop

Perks & Cost

  • Bonus: This course includes a module on soul contracts and how to destroy them! 

  • Check down below for further package deals when combined with other courses.

Please note: Material can be accessed immediately after purchase. No refunds or returns after purchase. 

Today Price: 


(Course value:$997)

(+ 1 bonus module)


Course Packages...

Add on the following courses at a discounted rate: 


Combat The Matrix + Psychic Protection Course + Be Your Own Shaman (Full Course) 

all for only: $699 


(Value: $1,639. You save: $940!)



Land Clearing Course + Psychic Protection Course 

all for only: $250 


(Value: $334. You save: $84!)



Land Clearing Course + Psychic Protection Course + Be Your Own Shaman (Full Course) 

all for only: $650 


(Value: $1,584. You save: $934!)



Combat The Matrix + Psychic Protection Course 

all for only: $275 


(Value: $389. You save: $114!)


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About Laura

Laura from Shamanic Self is a Shamanic Healer, Practitioner and Intuitive Psychic Medium. Since 2017 she has been working with clients, giving potent Shamanic Healing sessions and intuitive psychic mediumship readings.

For the past 6 years, she has successfully cleared away voodoo, curses and spells from her own energy field and also her clients' energy. Having dealt with a multitude of different types of attacks, she is well-versed in how disguised they can look and how to pick up on them the moment they happen. In addition, she has perfected techniques on how to clear them away when they show up in a person's life. 

This courses teaches a multitude of different techniques and exercises, which can be used on a daily basis. Many of which I have used myself successfully for the past half a decade. 

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