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Additional guidance, consultation and direction for those who need it. 

Why A Coaching Call? 

Are you looking for a direction in regards to your business, life or spirituality? Do you just want to have a chat about any of my most recent concepts mentioned on my Youtube channel or other outlets?  

Coaching calls and consults can be a great way to get to know me before an actual Shamanic healing session. Unlike a psychic reading, this call focusses on coaching on specific questions you may have in regards to whether or not a healing session is the right means for you and any questions you may have in regards to my courses and which one is the right fit. In addition, you can also ask for guidance on your own business, such as website design, marketing, basic SEO and else. This call can be seen as a discovery call to any of my services. Or a follow-up to any healing session you've had with me in the past. 

If you are just curious about me, how I got started in my business or want to dive deeper into a topic, which I discuss on my YT channel, Telegram or other social media outlets, this would be the right option for you, too. 

Please note: This is not an intuitive psychic medium reading. No predictions or psychic insight will be given during this call. The call is meant for coaching and consult purposes only.  

Are you interested in consistent mentoring instead? More info on my 1:1 mentorships can be found below.

Book Your Coaching Session 


$130 for 30 mins,

$222.22 for 1 hour,

$305 for 90 minutes,

$390 for 2 hours 

Explore Coaching Sessions: 

Interested in 1:1 Shamanic Mentoring?

Walk the Shamanic Path in confidence! My 1:1 Shamanic mentorships span over a period of 2-10 sessions. They are an amazing opportunity for anyone starting out in this field or who needs more guidance even as a seasoned practitioner or shaman. 

Recommended Course:

Next Level Biz! 
(The Course)

Take your online and spiritual business from zero to hero with this course! Next Level Biz will teach you the ins and outs of running your very own business successfully in today's times. 

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