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Walk the Shamanic path with confidence with private 1:1 mentorships.

Why A Shamanic Mentorship?

Walk the Shamanic Path with confidence! My 1:1 Shamanic mentorships span over a period of 2-10 sessions. They are an amazing opportunity for anyone starting out in this field or who needs more guidance even as a seasoned practitioner and shaman. 

My shamanic mentoring sessions are for healers or individuals, who are just starting out on their path of awakening or finding suitable healing modalities. They are also for seasoned practitioners, healers and Shamans, who have been doing this work for a while. They are a great opportunity to integrate newly learnt healing modalities or answer any questions you might have on your path ahead. 

I offer a different perspective from most others in this field, as I specialize in AI and astral entities, who like to disguise themselves as other beings and are mostly just there to cause mayhem and distract. I come from a pure intent and I am not misled by "spirit guides, angels, archangels, ancestors" or other false white light beings. I also highlight trauma work and trauma integration. 

Deciphering spirit and spiritual messages may take time and patience. These mentoring sessions can give clarity on how to best tap into your own intuition and how to see the signs for what they are. They can also help with any matters of your own healing work, what direction to take it or how to add to it to make it more complete and whole. 

As a special bonus, I am also adding the option to purchase 2 mentoring sessions together with my signature course "Be Your Own Shaman (The Full Course)" at a drastically reduced price. The 2 mentoring sessions are a great way to integrate the work you will learn in this 12-week-course. Learn Shamanism with the person who created this course as you move along on your path! 


Please note: This is not an intuitive psychic medium reading. No predictions or psychic insight will be given during this call. The call is meant for mentoring, coaching and consult purposes only.  

All sessions are redeemable once or twice per month max. It takes time to integrate the sessions and grow with them. I therefore do not recommend more sessions per month. 

How do you know a Shamanic mentoring is right for you? 

How do you know a Shamanic mentoring is right for you? 


  • Are you looking for Shamanic guidance on how to walk or continue your path ahead? 

  • Are you interested in becoming one with nature and the natural elements and incorporate Shamanic techniques into your-day-to-day life? 

  • Do you feel something is missing in your life and are seeking a spiritual connection? 

  • Are you looking for a pure and unfiltered connection to your true self instead of the one society, culture or other norms demand? 

  • Are you sick and tired of big pharma and the mainstream media throwing one lie after another at you and keeping your essence down? 

  • Do you want to take your healing knowledge to the next level or apply some new tools and techniques to your repertoire? 

These may all very well be good starting points and questions for you to ask yourself when beginning your mentorship journey. 


A Shamanic Mentoring can provide: 

Shamanic Knowledge

Connection to Shamanism and the natural elements in a way our everyday lives do not provide for us anymore. 

Shamanic Tools

Learning more about the most important shamanic tools, how to use these and how to work with other essential shamanic elements. 


Clarity on your path forward and which healing methods, exercises or means to incorporate in your daily life. 


Integration of any Shamanic knowledge or tools, which you may have learnt in the past or in my own course. Learning how to apply them. 

Hidden Aspects

Unveiling hidden aspects, trauma or shadow selves. These may be addressed and worked through to advance your healing journey. 

Healing Journey

Applying of Shamanic knowledge on your own healing journey and also in healing towards others. Serving yourself or your community on a Shamanic level. 

You receive: 

4 session package
4 x 1-hour mentoring sessions, valid for 1 year
for $800 (value of $888

8 session package
8 x 1-hour mentoring sessions, valid for 1 year.
for $1,100
 (you save $232)

10 + 1 session package
10 x 1-hour sessions, plus 1 additional session! (11 total)
for $1,900 (you save $544)

Reduced Shamanic Healing course + 2 sessions
Purchase the full Shamanic Healing course with 2 x 1-hour sessions
for $750 (combined value
of: $1,695!)

Or: Start with an intro session
1 x reduced 45-minute session 
for $195 (only redeemable once per person)

Start your Shamanic journey now! 

Explore Mentorship Options: 


Hi, I am Laura...

I am a Shamanic Healer, Practitioner and Intuitive Psychic Medium. Since 2017 I have been working with clients, giving Shamanic Healing sessions.

After being certified as a Shamanic Healer & Practitioner by a NYC institute, I have had the chance to gain as much hands-on experience in this practice as possible. While most of my sessions are remote, you will find me occasionally doing in-person sessions in the NYC area or at events. 

Not only do I love to do sessions, but my passion is also teaching! I help people find their way back to themselves, their inner light and innate divinity. Learn more about me here: 

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Be Your Own Shaman! 

Learn all about Shamanic Healing, soul retrievals, cord and intrusion removals and how to do it on yourself and also others. My course teaches just that! 


Next Level Biz! 
(The Course)

Take your online and spiritual business from zero to hero with this course! Next Level Biz will teach you the ins and outs of running your very own business successfully in today's times. 

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